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Programmer Revisions As of July 15/02 a new, microprocessor controlled LCD programmer has replaced the older unit. Whatever cylinders fires second and fifth in the firing order should connect to coil. MAP sensors simply connect to your intake manifold with a length of vacuum hose. YOU should never USE THE MSD bypass plug FOR ANY reason with this type OF SDS system. 4F coil packs should be fused with.5-10 amp fuse or circuit breaker, 6Fs with a 15 amp fuse. When the AFM is removed, the fuel pump will no longer run creating a no start condition. 08/01/01 ECU Mounting Precautions We see a fair number of ECUs shipped back to us which have suffered from water damage internally.

03/04/05 D (fuel only) System Tach Signal Source on Cars With Coil Pack Ignitions If you are having difficulty locating a compatible tach signal wire on these vehicles, you may be able to use an MSD PN 8913 tach adapter to supply the D system. When the voltage supply was scoped, large noise spikes were evident. With the marked end facing up, the magnets will all stick together in a line with the marked end. This should also work as before if you use a MAP sensor. With the addition of a second coil pack, the F units can fire two plugs per cylinder. Water generally seems to enter the ECU enclosure by running down the wiring, into the connectors.

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Even by retarding the spark substantially, you cannot run very high boost with any setup and still produce good power. In terms of wiring, there is a single hookup for the coolant temperature sensor, another for the oxygen sensor, one more for the hand held controller (display one for the main harness and one for the optional accessory (input-output) harness. This statement has no basis in fact. Use your noggin here and don't expect miracles. Separate the Hall sensor cables from close proximity to alternators, plug wires, electric fan motors, MSD boxes or any other high current/ high voltage sources. What happens to the cold idle control and a/c idle speed control?

With less power draw and higher output, MSD moves you with "the fire to drive" in a digital powerhouse!
Inside microprocessors, updated circuits and efficient components monitor and handle every firing and rev.
Product features: Fully automatic operation, self powered, simple connection to vehicle, works on any type of ignition system.
Tach turns on when engine starts, displays highest RPM for 30 min.