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and sorcery bloodshed replaced with non-violent, socially intense actions. The target player was older than before, so we aimed for a more sophisticated presentation with AU: older students, a bigger school, and a stronger focus on relationships highlighted by a facebook-like page for each student. Players assume an all-knowing perspective on Avatar High's world of cliques, academic and social pressures, and where to sit at lunchtime. Find out more by visiting our Monkey Preschool Page! Thup's job was to add a few twists to the familiar board game concept and to integrate The Wire's settings and characters. If you miss playing "Hook-up Gameguru recommends the following four games: "Popmundo "Habbo "imvu" and "Mean Girls High School Showdown." "Popmundo a game about making a name for yourself in the music industry, is available as a free download. Heartpounder, in Heartpounder we set out to create a casual, accessible, and addictive game for the Viacom channel The N/TeenNick. Clones Gone Wild mixes classic arcade action and puzzle game strategy into a package that's immediately accessible to a casual audience. Asked to create a game that embodied the mission of Viacom cable network The N - helping pre-teens explore and discover who they are - thup came up with Avatar High. We upped both the drama and the humor of the game by making each of the hearts a dynamically animated character who reacts to the gameplay - getting worried when the breaker is near, and scared when they start to fall.

Players take control of a simulated high school full of characters they can name after their real friends. In each episode, O'Grady's characters are beset by their town's "Weirdness". Players win the game by capturing a majority of the cubicles in the office or by eliminating all of their competition. Client: Adult Swim (Turner avatar Prom, avatar Prom is a genre-defying game that lets The N's primarily tween audience act out its prom fantasies.

The Manager can heal with a pay raise or motivate others, the it guys can secure the area with his 'firewall of fire' or trip up his rivals with a 'server crash'. As they claim territory, they build points for their trend. Campaign Game, campaign is a game which mixes the.S. When a conflict arises - the player fighting to keep their boyfriend, trying to learn a secret, trying to sabotage a rival - they use the information they have gathered as 'cards'.

We wanted a turn based game that allowed time for users to interact socially and wasn't heavily dependent on the net connection. With only a month for development and a broad demographic target, HBO had already decided on simple Battleship-inspired gameplay. When Will the Hookup Game Come Back to the Internet? By capturing O'Grady's locations, characters, art style, sound clips, and off-kilter sense of humor, Clones Gone Wild rewards fans and introducesO'Grady to a new audience. The Hookup, tHUP's goal was to create a game that captured the excitement and conflict of a new relationship. Student AIs dynamically interact not only in the game world, but comment on each others pages and manage their own friends lists. The game uses the Box2d engine which gives the player a fun and predictable physics-based reaction to their shots - hearts tumble into each other and cascade to the ground and shatter. View More, hRmageddon, one of several games we made for Turner Network's off kilter Adult Swim channel. Jump to Section, jump to Section.