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Cons Of Using An Uber For Drug Dealing, According To A Driver. Whenever I think that I have seen it all, something new happens. Press J to jump to the feed. At first I drove on the UberX platform.

Rule 6 - No questions seeking professional advice. Please use reddit's voting system to your advantage. She said she was tipsy, happy and he was cute, so after the ride was over, she invited him in and he obliged. Every weekend there are good-looking, fun, scantily-dressed riders in my back seat, some of whom invite me to join them in their dinners and drinks and what-have-you. And, yes, it's tempting as hell sometimes. Redditer u/PrincerferX asked: "does anyone else feel bad for the songs you always skip in your playlist." Well, Silverman certainly doesn't. There was the time when a valet at Greystone Manor waved down an Uber driver and placed a very drunk woman in a car.

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Rule 2 - No personalized advice requests. What I do is I have them write down my email address and message me in the morning if they are really interested. Rule 1 - Questions must be clear and direct. Not So Fast: Uber And Lyft Pickups At LAX Put On Hold. Another guy asked for a " big, long hug " instead of money after he solicited a woman in Hollywood walking down the street one night. I will also answer questions and give advice on how to get the most out of your rides. For some it is a natural progression after the bonding that can magically happen when a driver and passenger hit it off on a ride. When the woman called the police that morning, the driver was arrested for kidnapping. What It's Like To Be hookup sites that work An Uber Driver In 2015 10 Things That Make Your Uber Driver Sad.

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