hot and cold washer hookup

to extend the length of the hose, purchase a hose that has the same diameter as the existing hose, but is longer, and then connect it using a connector. 06:30 PM 1,965 posts, read 2,855,564 times, reputation: 1515, advertisements. I prefer full port ball valves.

Installing a Washer: It s Easier Than You Think - Self Help and More Replacement - Replacing hot/cold water faucets for washer - Home Are the hot and cold valves mixed up? How to Connect Washing-Machine Water-Supply Lines

Might want to replace hoses now also). Btw, I have a new washer and dryer from., 07:14 PM, north Beach Person, location: North Beach, MD on the Chesapeake 31,815 posts, read 38,790,436 times. If the cold water hose and hot water hose are connected to the opposite faucets, your laundry may get hot.

Use waterproof grease to coat all sides of the ring gasket. Washing machines often come with their own fill hoses. Now that I remember one of my requests during the buying of the house was to have the hoses secured properly against the wall. Connect the detached inlet hoses to the washer, matching the color of the water supply valves, and turn them to the right to tighten them as much as possible. If the location of the washing machine is slightly too far from the plumbing, you will have to exchange the hose how to not get attached after a hookup with a longer one or extend the existing fill hose.

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