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extension cord with double male plugins and simply trip the house main, then plug one end into the generator and the other end into an outlet? It is said to be perfect for a variety of uses and situations. It's run time is listed as 8 hours at 50 load and has a 4 gallon tank for fuel. Camping - You really can't beat having a generator along on a camping trip to use with plug in grills, especially if you find yourself out in the rain with no wood to start a fire. The opposite end splits into several household outlets, where you can start connecting additional extension cords safely indoors. Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews. Having a portable generator handy can get you up and running so that you can run a stove, refrigerator, or phones so that you may call for help.

A good portable generator will usually run on one of three different types of fuel.
They are gas, LP gas and natural gas.
Its the recommended type of generator when portability is a must.
Best Portable Generator Reviews: The Ultimate Generator Comparison Buying Guide!
Whether you're camping your way across the country in your RV(recreational vehicle) or looking for a suitable way.

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It allows them to have light and use power tools in areas that are remote and have no electrical power sources. It can be used for home, camping, or on sites where electricity options are limited. It allows them to keep important appliances running like refrigerators and freezers, lights, and even the TV or a radio. Just make sure you have tarps to keep the generator dry. Wattage - this is the first thing to take into consideration. This, yamaha gas powered generator is said to be efficient and powerful, with a maximum AC output of 2000 watts. A wheel kit comes with the generator for added mobility. In all, the con's were more based on personal preferences and not issues with the machine itself. Portable Generator Hook Up set up (1) 20 ft 10/3 cable with 20 amp 220 v male an female plugs (1) 220 male recepticul (1) 10 ft 10/3 cable with 30 amp 125 v plug with 4 plug in do NOT contact me with unsolicited.

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