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22 Plato 's work also contains references to puppetry. Another popular puppetry form in Indonesia is Wayang golek. By the 3rd century BC these plays would appear in the Theatre of Dionysus at the Acropolis.

David Poulton toured marionette shows via the Queensland Arts Council along his 'Strings and Things' with his wife Sally for many years from the late 1970s. (May 2018) Ancient Greece and Rome edit Although there are few remaining examples of puppets from ancient Greece, historical literature and archaeological findings shows the existence of puppetry. The specific problem is: fails to discuss when puppetry (as theatre) began to appear in Europe. The actions, gestures and spoken parts acted out by the puppets are typically used in storytelling. 8 Works like the Natya Shastra and the Kamasutra elaborate on puppetry in some detail. At roughly the same time, Jim Henson was creating a type of soft, foam-rubber and cloth puppet which became known collectively as Muppets. Kantor influenced a new formalist generation of directors such as Richard Foreman and Robert Wilson who were concerned with the 'object' in theatrical terms "putting it on stage and finding different ways of looking at it" (Foreman). City of Westminster, (52) Kensington, (24) Hammersmith, (5) Wandsworth, (4) Earl's Court, (74) Baker street, (17) Bayswater, (153) Chelsea, (31) Covent Garden, (13) Edgware road, (36) Fulham, (11) Gloucester Road, (11) Great Portland Street, (6) High Street Kensington, (5) Kensington Olympia, (2) Marble Arch, (35). Any local VIP Girl, escort agencies over the World, massages or male companion can Post AD using AWantage Adult Work Guide! "Puppet show" redirects here.

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