starter wire hookup

cables, with a molded plug on one end. PK-PK034D.95 Alignment Tool Set, ABS Plastic ProsKit's PK-A001 Alignment Tool Set features 10 pieces with assorted ends. Volume control adds to their flexibility. Direct from Factory, Direct to you. MX-pslp AC Powerstrip Liberator Plus.99 Super- Lube Precision Teflon Lubricator The Super-Lube Precision Lubricator is a "needle oiler" filled with a high-tech ptfe (Teflon ) synthetic lubricant. Kester "245" Solder.031 15g Sample Pack.75 Kester "245" Solder.031 1 Lb Roll.75 Economy Solder Very similar in performance to Kester's No Clean formulation, this Chinese product is a real bargain at barely half the cost of the Kester solder. . Your Price:.99, on sale:.99 11 Pack of 16 Gage TXL.

OTC Minitune Late Model Alternator. Very popular, easy to operate. All connectors available from factory.

Featured Products 11 Pack of 16 Gage GXL. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) or static electricity can destroy sensitive electronic devices without your even knowing. . Resistance /1000 FT,.C. Plus, the CV-H32 carries a one-year limited warranty. Your Price:.99, on sale:.99 11 Pack of 12 Gage GXL.

 The alloy is the same 63-37 and the flux is RMA, low residue,  but  details are lacking. Free shipping most orders We stock and ship 100 of items we sell! The tips can be removed for use in small areas or for fine work such as repairing eyeglasses. . All Rights Reserved rev:FNY4624.

Over 60 hookup, Lp gas grill hookup to house,