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problem a lot of people have with coaxial-only televisions because DVD players do not have coaxial (RF) outputs, which means they can't be connected directly into a television with only a coaxial (RF) input. If you have a spare TV, connect it in place of your "new" TV, to narrow down the problem. Cable reception should come on as usual. Steren-custom install 200-251WH white standard TV wall. Also check the cable wire itself. As for the instructions, I am going to assume the DVD player is not a combo unit with the VCR, and that you want to record TV on your VCR.

About this product, product Identifiers, gTIN, brand. From the cable box, connect a coaxial or composite (yellow video cable) and stereo (red-white) RCA audio cables to the video IN terminal on your VCR. From the RF modulator, connect this unit to your TV by using a coaxial cable. Sep 25, 2007 Televison Video. Cable box to VCR, vCR to RF modulator, dVD player to RF Modulator. Model WF2703,can not set channel for DVD/VCR no place to set, tv has an coaxial hookup and the player has an Svideo cable hookup gonna need remote to get into menu of tv-once u get into menu autoprogram tuner-dont do anything until its done counting.

RCA D56W20 56" Rear Projection Television 1 Answer, need directions to install a dch70 box to tv dear woolifer, I am not an expert but i hope i can help you. Which might be connected. As the RF Modulator senses the DVD player signal and switches to DVD, its welcome screen should be seen on the television. Set the TV to Channel 3 and turn on the VCR. Step 4 Take one A/V cable, connect the red (right audio channel white (left audio channel) and yellow (video) from DVD player's "Output to the corresponding DVD "inputs" on the RF Modulator. You didn't mention anything about a cable box, VCR, etc. Means simply, inadequate signal is reaching the tuner, or the TV tuner itself is bad.

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