what happened to craigslist personal sex ads

And Now Get Out There and Master Facebook Ads! They want all ads sex ads in Chattanooga to be as clear and transparent as possible. I figured he would just seduce me into more sex. Maybe you have a customer testimonial that illustrates how effective your product truly is?

This means that, for affiliate marketers, its pretty tough to quickly promote these kinds of websites. Claims such as Well Make Your Debt Disappear, in the ad below are also a no-no: This ad would certainly get rejected. Move these to your reject pile. You know Facebook rejects ads that violate its policies. I kinda hope this works out, because it sounds like he might want to meet you where you are. Instead, highlight a discount, wide selection of choices, or something else non-inflammatory. Dear Wendy is a relationship advice blog.

What happened to craigslist personal sex ads
what happened to craigslist personal sex ads

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